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Skate Global Foundation acknowledges the systemic barriers that lead to underrepresentation in figure skating. Grants are available for individuals who both face financial barriers and identify as Black, Black, racially marginalized, person with a disability, and minoritized gender identity. Priority will be given to skaters who identify as Indigenous, Black, or racially marginalized.

*We are now accepting applications for funding and the application window will close on September 1st, 2024.


Question 1.

Indigenous peoples are descendants of the original inhabitants of Turtle Island/North America or original inhabitants of other countries. In this question we are asking about Indigenous peoples originating in Turtle Island/North America.

Do you identify as Indigenous, that is, First Nation (North American Indian), Métis or Inuk (Inuit)?
[“If Yes”] What Indigenous identity or identities do you self-identify as?  (Check all that apply)

Question 2.

Racially marginalized person is a term used to describe the identities of those who may have experienced the social effects of marginalization based on notions of race, ethnicity, or “origin.” We use “racially marginalized person” instead of “race” to acknowledge the social impact of racialization in Canada. In this question, we are asking about non-Indigenous racialized persons.

Do you identify as a racially marginalized person?
[“If Yes”] What racially marginalized background(s) do you self-identify with? (Check all that apply)
[“If No”] Do you identify as White?

Question 3.

Do you identify as any of the following? (check all that apply)

*See UNESCO definitions here.

Question 4.

Thinking about the total income for all household members, approximately what is the total annual (last 12 months) income for your household before taxes?

Question 5.

Question 6.

Question 7.

*Only the combined totals of the data will be shared.  Your response is confidential and used only to assist Skate Global Foundation in achieving our goals.


If you are selected to advance to the next stage of the application process, you may be asked for further supporting documentation. We will evaluate your initial application, and send any subsequent correspondence, using only the information you provide below, so please ensure that your entries are correct and properly formatted.

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